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I’m mom to a little girl named Chloe.  I also blog over here.  I’m fascinated by all things design but especially love design for children.  A piece of fabric, a brightly coloured toy, a scrap of wallpaper… all these things can magically transport us and remind us of our own childhoods.  This blog is a place where I store those beautiful images that make me feel like a kid again.  I hope you read along and rediscover that child inside you too.

Things I love: raindrops, fresh baked cookies, baby hugs, jumping in puddles, riding my bike, warm mittens, family road trips, summer picnics, lying under the stars, sunday mornings, afternoon naps, skipping stones, campfires, bedtime stories, bubble baths, fresh laundry, christmas, gingham and stripes, riding a swing, springtime, the sound of children laughing, my family.


mama wanderluster

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  1. July 27, 2010 6:25 PM

    I love that you have started this blog! Looking forward to reading every day – you always find the most wonderful things!

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